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February 3, 2012

PS3 Mania…

by Please Tell Me (Kevin)
Disney Universe

Disney Universe

Logan has just discovered the imaginary world of video games with his father. Jose Fidel spent the entire day playing “Disney Universe“. with him. Now, as a parent , I am expected to be upset that my 4 yr. old son has spent all day inside on a beautiful day playing video ages, but I am not.

The reason I am not concerned?

  1. He is only 4 yrs old.
  2. He gained a lot of experience learning about team work, understanding what is needed to complete a mission. Jose Fidel and he really bonded during this time.
  3. During “school nights” he has conditions\rules that must be met before he can play this new found love. He has to have some interaction with the family, he has to have dinner and he has to have his bath.

I think parents underestimate the power of “bonding time” with their children while playing video games. I think that usually parents do not play these games with their children and their children distance themselves as time goes by. I personally do not like playing video games but I do watch and interact with Logan and Jose Fidel as they play. I think it is great that Jose Fidel enjoys this activity.

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