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February 5, 2012

Hate Speech…

by Please Tell Me (Kevin)
Sunday Croissants

So this morning started out to be a great relaxing Sunday morning; Logan waking me up with “Daddy? Are you sleeping?”, fresh homemade croissants and coffee.

Then I was checking the news headlines online and came across yet another instance of “hate speech” that really burns me up!

Santorum on Friday doubled down on attacks against the gay community, telling a gay man that he doesn’t deserve the ‘privilege’ of marriage because same sex relationships don’t “benefit society.”
“[Marriage] is an intrinsic good … we extend certain privileges to people who do that because we want to encourage that behavior,” he said after a gay audience member asked why homosexuals don’t deserve equal rights when it comes to marriage.

What is so offensive by Rick Santorum’s comments is not so much what he is saying (which is terrible), it is the fact he is being allowed to say it to so many people and no one calls him out as a “hate speech” speaker. Just because he is running for president and he is “speaking” for the Repbulican Party and all the other religious right wingers he can get away with it. There is a limit to our right to freedom of speech.

He is telling me that my relationship with my partner does not benefit society. He is telling my son that we do not befefit society.

WE DO BENEFIT SOCIETY! — It’s just that simple!

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