To Eat -or- Not To Eat…

by Please Tell Me (Kevin)


Every parent has had to deal with their children not wanting to try new foods. Our son is 4 years old and is ultra-finicky. We can’t figure out how he survives with as little as he eats. All of our friend’s kids seem to eat everything. We have spoken to his pediatrician and she assures us this is normal behaviour. It does not make us feel any better, but at least we know we are not alone.

This morning I went grocery shopping and bought several food items specifically hoping Logan would find them interesting and want to eat them.

For lunch I offered corn dogs – I mean what little boy would  not like eating meat-on-a-stick? Right? It was a no go. We asked, we demanded, we begged and still nothing. Finally I told Papa enough was enough. I put my foot down and said Logan would not be able to eat anything else the rest of the day, play video games, watch movies or anything else “fun” until he ate the corn dog (or even just one bite).

Logan does not usually throw temper-tantrums, but today he went into a full meltdown. He tried every trick in the book; the crocodile tears, the loud crying and even the puppy dog eyes. We stood our ground and so did he. It was a stand-off. Lunch came and went and so did mid-day snack time. We kept offering the corn dog and he kept refusing. At 5pm I  finally gave in and he had two yogurt and some cheez-its and 2 cups of V8 Fusion juice.

So what did we learn and/or accomplish here? Not much except Logan is going to be one stubborn young man. I am glad we stood our ground today. I think Logan did learn there are consequences to one’s actions.


2 Comments to “To Eat -or- Not To Eat…”

  1. Totally feel your frusturation as I had the same problem with Sebastian recently. We stopped afternoon snack, and dinner has been a bit easier, not perfect, but definitely better. Also, no juice in the afternoon, just water. This seems to help his appetite. But don’t worry, he’s healthy! You guys are doing great!

  2. Thanks. We recently stopped his Pedisure (1 each meal) and that helped with him being more hungry. He has not tried new foods, but eats more of his “safe” food. I know he will eventually like other foods. Thanks for your feedback

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